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Need Your Basement Space Due to an Expanding Family?

Things to Consider When Doing a Basement Remodel

Houses that have half-finished basements can offer homeowners extra hidden value and space. By remodeling your basement, the usable portion will increase in size. Also, most municipalities still do not tax by the square footage of basement, whether one is finished or not. Remodeling basements can turn unusable or unfriendly spaces into a home office, family or recreation room, or another space as required.

Before performing a basement remodel, there are several things to first consider. The biggest one is if it will be practical and feasible. A basement that suffers from leaks or drainage issues will have to be fixed before remodeling can commence. In most cases, leaks can be simply fixed by sealing cracks in a house’s foundation. If drainage is the problem and water has flooded into your basement previously, talk to a professional contractor on repairing drains or putting in a sump pump to avoid this from happening again. While the ideal condition for remodeling is having a dry basement, minor dampness can be removed using a dehumidifier. Major water issues, though, must be seen to first.

The second important thing before remodeling a basement is where to place the ductwork and any plumbing. If you hope is to completely re-finish a basement, ensure you have sufficient headroom for a proper ceiling. Most finished basements come with lower than usual ceilings; however, duct or plumbing work could make it impossible to put in a ceiling. Unless you have a sufficient enough budget to have ductwork or plumbing moved elsewhere, it could be more cost effective to get a partial remodel done.

Once your basement is structurally dry and is able to offer enough headroom, you should then begin to consider the design of your project. Think about what you will be using the space for and if you need to put in extra walls in order to create more rooms or just want one large room. Make sure to take into account such things as electrical outlets, cable television, and other such wiring when thinking where to put in extra walls.

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Posted by Ronnie Lewallen on April 13, 2015

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