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The Do’s and Dont’s When Hiring a Contractor

How to Choose the Most Qualified Kitchen Remodeler

Hiring a qualified kitchen remodeler is, without any doubt, the most important decision a homeowner will make, more so on bigger scale remodels. While most contractors that are available do legitimate and quality work, there are bogus builders, useless carpenters, and hopeless plumbers roaming around too.

Don’t rely only on reviews. These services are convenient; however, they are not always impartial. For instance, contractors on Angie’s List that purchase advertising will be given more exposure. For the site Porch, reviews are chosen by the professionals only.

Do listen to word of mouth. It’s one of the best ways to locate a reputable contractor. If it is possible, visit previous projects to see how a contractor’s work is still holding up. And contact the Better Business Bureau for any complaints before making a decision.

Don’t choose the low ball. Even if they are not playing fast and loose, a contractor that underestimates costs has to make up the difference somewhere else; this could be on the actual installation itself.

Do look around. Interview several contractors; this will help you determine the going rate for your type of project. That will help you locate someone that you have a good rapport with, in addition to communication, which is just as important.

Don’t permit allowances. These are open ended prices in a contract which could end up blowing your entire budget out of the water. Once the work has started, stick within the contracts terms.

Do obtain everything in writing. Your contract needs to include a total description of your project, along with all costs and a completion date.

Don’t get your own permits. This is the contractor’s job. If he asks you, it may be a sign they are in bad standing with your local building department.

Don’t give cash. That is a standard tactic that is used by illegal contractors who will then take your money, never to be seen again. A reputable kitchen remodeler accepts checks which are made to their company, or a credit card.

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Posted by Ronnie Lewallen on April 19, 2015

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