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Useless When It Comes to DIY?

Tips on Hiring a Professional Deck Builder

Not every homeowner can be a crack DIY enthusiast and construct their own deck from scratch. Sometimes, it is advisable to hire a professional deck builder to construct your decking quickly, properly, and at a reasonable price. Choosing the best builder does not mean hiring the cheapest one; however, it does not mean you have to spend a significant amount in order to get the best, either. Do your research on numerous builders in your area, and find customer review sites. Look at the estimate a potential builder offers, and then compare the time and materials a builder will be using. The best ones combine reasonable prices with quality materials.

Cost is always going to be an issue when constructing a quality deck. A good deck builder that uses only the best materials will usually provide an estimate which is higher than that of the others; however, this is not always a bad thing. When a builder provides you with a quote, make sure to ask questions regarding the materials they will be using. Cedar is an excellent choice of wood, due to the fact it is mold and mildew resistant, in addition to insect infestations; however, it does cost more than other less quality materials. Pressure treated wood also costs more than the untreated; however, a quality builder will nearly always use treated wood; this will prevent damage from being done to the decking. Ask what type of hardware the builder will use; stainless steel and other non-corrosion metals must be used for plates and screws.

Ask any potential builder if they are able to recommend places where you can see their previous work. Look for construction quality, how attractive the finished project is, and how functional a space is. Ask the homeowners if they are happy with the builder’s work and if they are experiencing any problems with their deck or the building company. Look for any problems with the deck’s design or quality, like warping or damaged wood, loose panels, or railings, etc.

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Posted by Ronnie Lewallen on April 25, 2015

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